Technology Allows For Parents To Spy On Their Children’s Tinder Accounts

Technology is advancing quicker than ever before. Everyone is trying to climb the success ladder and create the next big thing, but with every advancement that is designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, comes never before considered problems that need to be addressed! It seems as though technological advancements may be a good thing, it also appears that tackling these potential issues gets more complex and harder.. Read More

How Google Compares Men From Women

After spending years in the SEO industry and slowly trying to strip off the layers of Google’s algorithm, it suddenly hit me that I might be doing things the wrong way. Rather trying to peal off the layers whereby┬árevealing the algorithm indirectly, I thought that maybe it is time to understand Google in the form of a human and its character, rather than a programmed script… after all Google’s algo… Read More

Google Has Let The Panda Out of The Cage Again

There never seems to be a month goes by now where there is not significant chat in the SEO world about a Google update and the week commencing the 22nd September 2014 is no exception to the rule with Google confirming they have released another update to their panda algorithm which will be the 27th release since Google created this new algorithm and most in the SEO world are calling.. Read More