After spending years in the SEO industry and slowly trying to strip off the layers of Google’s algorithm, it suddenly hit me that I might be doing things the wrong way.

Rather trying to peal off the layers whereby revealing the algorithm indirectly, I thought that maybe it is time to understand Google in the form of a human and its character, rather than a programmed script… after all Google’s algo. is trying to mimic human behavior, right?

“Does Google Do A Good Job At Acting Like A Human? Let’s See What It Knows About Relationships”

So the first test was to see how Google understood the differences between man and woman. Being on to top of the results is a clear sign that Google approves these websites, so it goes without saying that the #1listing is “Google approved”

couple have a conversation
The art of conversation between men, women and how Google sees it

So what did we find?

  • Men & Women like to draw different things
  • Female babies like faces while male babies react to moving object
  • A woman’s fantasy often includes romance
  • Women read subtle emotions better
  • Females hear better than males
  • and the list goes on….

Strangely enough this has very quickly moved me away from SEO and into the attraction between men and women.

So why is it that thousands of first or second dates end up failing? Well according to the guys at WaytooSocial it is all about how to exchange dialog with a girl and vice versa.

And judging by the differences between the characters of men and women you can see why many dates end up failing… there appears to be a fine line between success and failure!

The three points that grabbed my attention the most were the last three, that I believe could be the main contributing factors to a failed date:

Women read subtle emotions better

If you are better at picking up emotions you have a better evolved brain at determining the character of the person better. I feel that a woman can tell far quicker if the male is suited for her than the other way around.

Females hear better than males

Listening seems to be an integral part of a woman’s relationship. According to studies, this is because women have 11% more neurons than men… possibly why women feel men do not listen enough.

A Woman’s Fantasy Often Includes Romance

Ok this is an important one. If a male’s fantasy is centered more around physical contact and women feel that romance is an integral part of a fantasy, then it could be that women are better attuned at this and feel the male’s goal is more about pleasure and less about the building up of the relationship?