Technology is advancing quicker than ever before.

Everyone is trying to climb the success ladder and create the next big thing, but with every advancement that is designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, comes never before considered problems that need to be addressed!

It seems as though technological advancements may be a good thing, it also appears that tackling these potential issues gets more complex and harder to achieve.

Let us look at the dating app Tinder. I got the idea to write about Tinder after stumbling across some very hilarious chat up lines used to get the attention of those on the other end of the phone. Some of theses pickup lines are down right funny and even though technology is changing the dating game in more levels than ever considered before, it is after all up to the adult to take responsibility when engaging in this method of meeting or dating people… be it for a fling or a relationship.

Here is an example of a thread displaying techniques for winning women over on Tinder. While some of these are jaw dropping, some do put a smile on your face, but as mentioned, you really have nothing to complain about as as an adult you know exactly what you are signing up to.

The moment that thought process about being an adult crossed my mind, I got this horrific second wave of a ¬†thought about my teenage daughter (non adult) downloading this online dating app and engaging with it… I mean having a smartphone as a teenager is a useful tool, but how can I as a father stop her from downloading this app?

Not the type of chat you want your teenage child to engage with on Tinder

I suddenly got this sickly feeling to the pit of my stomach and wondered if there was any way of controlling the situation. After some frantic Internet searching, I discovered the makers of Teensafe have produced an phone-monitoring app for parents who want to check up on their kids, with a recent update that now includes Tinder monitoring.

Thankfully there is some parental protection to online dating

Essentially parents can now look at their kid’s profiles, who they matched with, who they liked or super liked, skipped and had conversations with…. in essence they can see everything.

Thanks Teensafe!